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  1. what about the norwegian seafood

    i would love some more recomendations on that

    i just can't get enough fresh seafood love it!

    and love your page buy the way

    take care

  2. Hi! I love looking for Norwegian recipes. I am an Iowan of Norwegian heritage. When I was on a trip to Norway, I stopped for afternoon coffee at a 7/11 in Lillehammer. My traveling companions had regular 'American' style sweets. I wanted something Norwegian, "When in Rome..." I loved it and have tried to dulicate it at home with no success. It was crisp and sugary/cinnamony. Do you know how they make them?

  3. HI there- We just moved here from Chicago and we are eager to get a good list of places to shop for food akin to your list of 'places to eat' in Oslo. Can you recommend a good list of local places to shop (butcher, cheese, seafood, speciality foods, produce, etc.) around Olso? We are starting to feel a bit desperate about the dire state of food selection in the grocery stores, but we are still hopeful that there are other local options around Oslo. We have already found a few good seafood and cheese shops, and are hopefully to find more (and more affordable). Thanks for all the helpful info on your blog thus far. Judging from your Chicago restaurant reviews we share a mutual affinity for great food and some of the finer things in life!

    1. Hi there, welcome to Oslo! You're right, the food scene can be pretty depressing here, so I feel your pain. I might write a little post about where to buy food in Oslo, but in the meantime you may want to check out the following:

      Fishmonger: Fjelberg Fisk & Vilt
      Cheese: Frogner Special
      Fruit & Veg: try the small shops around Grønland
      Meat: try Fenaknoken or Strøm-Larsen (sadly there aren't really any proper butchers in Oslo)
      The Centra Colosseum store usually has some interesting speciality foods, also Gutta på Haugen and Skafferiet.

      Good luck!

    2. Thanks so much for all of the helpful tips. This is a great list to get us started. We are already frequent flyers at the Grønland markets. It looks we will be happily utilizing many of our Indian and Middle Eastern cookbooks while we are here. I even came across a halal butcher yesterday, which looked very promising. The lamb shanks looked delicious. Do you have an experience with the Grønland halal butchers? Also, have you come across any good places to get your knives sharpened?

      Last, are there any underground supper clubs in Oslo? The concept could probably have a lot of potential in Oslo because it so prohibitively expensive to eat out. I look forward to any further tips and thanks again.

  4. Hepp.
    Leser og liker det du skriver.

  5. Thank you for sharing this info do you know anything about G35 (Gudbrandsdalen Cheese) cheese made from goat and cow milk at the Dairy of Lom & Skjak

  6. Hi, on a recent trip to Epcot in Florida, we went Norway, and they had a bakery where they had this out-of-this world cheesecake made with gjetost. Unfortunately,they would not give me the recipe when I asked for it. I have tried to find it on the internet but I can't find any made with just gjetost cheese.. Does anyone have this recipe or can tell me where I can find it??? Thank you...

  7. I have really enjoyed looking through your blog! Beautiful photos and restaurant details. I have a website about restaurant butter (odd I know). If you can think of any creative butter displays let me know. Thanks, Alisa

  8. Hi! I was just in Norway visiting Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger, and Ulvik. I had skole brød for the first time and oh my gosh was it delicious! fell in love with Norway and the fjords and dream of returning there (maybe moving there??) soon. Anyways, I bake for a living. Do you have any ideas or suggestions how I can make that happen? ;)