6 August 2010

Daley Plaza Farmers' Market, Chicago - A Short Photo Essay

Chicagoans are keen enthusiasts of farmers' markets. From the first tentative signs of spring to late autumn Chi-town hosts over 40 different farmers' markets, 20 of which are sponsored by the city itself. In fact during this period there are markets open somewhere in Chicago for five days a week. Farmers come from Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana to sell their produce in various locations across the city.

While in a cab heading north from the Loop, I stumbled across one such market at Daley Plaza just south of the river. I quickly hopped out and spent a very pleasant hour or so just wandering around having a look, and of course the odd nibble here and there. Although it was a weekday the market was packed with office workers picking up some bits and pieces to take home or munch on in the office.

The quality of produce on display was outstanding and the month of August brings wonderful runner beans, corn, amazing flat peaches, super sweet tomatoes, bright violet aubergines, and peppers among other things.

For more info on farmers' markets in Chicago be sure to check out this website.

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