26 July 2010

We're all going on a summer holiday...

... No more working for a week or two. Well, this being Norway it's more like four weeks. Yes, I'm off on my summer hols. The Nibbler family will be in magnificent Chicago so I will not have the chance to blog as often as I'd like.

But fear not, Chicago is a foodie heaven so I'll have lots of good things to explore and write about. So far I have dinner reservations at Alinea, Moto, L2O and Topolobampo. Chicago's very first Michelin Guide comes out later this year so it will be interesting to see how these hotly tipped contenders fare (surely Grant Achatz gets three stars at Alinea?). I also want to check out Chicago junk-food legends such as Hot Doug's, Portillo's, and Lou Malnati's Pizza.

Does anyone have any good Chicago restaurant recommendations they'd like to share?

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